Bike/Pedestrian Plan


The main purpose of the City of Greenfield Bike and Pedestrian Plan is to identify policies and activities that increase the use, safety and convenience of bicycling and walking in the City of Greenfield and to promote bicycling and walking as integral and healthy components of the City’s multi-modal transportation system.


With Common Council approval in September of 2008, The Parks and Recreation Board enlisted the help of the consulting firm Crispell-Snyder to work through the has the process of completing a Bike and Pedestrian plan for the City of Greenfield.

Technical Advisory Committee

A Technical Advisory Committee was established to achieve this purpose. The TAC is made up of representatives of the Parks and Recreation Department, Engineering, Health, Division of Public Works and Greenfield Police Department.
Upon the completion of the public open house along with anticipated adoption of the Board of Public Works, Parks and Recreation Board the plan will be presented to the Greenfield Common Council for final adoption.

Plan and Maps