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Community Health Assessment (CHA)

The CHA was developed using a process that engaged community members and partners to collect and analyze qualitative (data that comes from could be collected from stories, concepts, or discussions) and quantitative (data that can be easily measured by numbers) data that relates to health.  The data was collected from a variety of sources and was analyzed to better understand and present to all of our community.  The presentation created a community health profile that can be used to inform community decision making, the prioritize health problems and to develop and put the community health improvement plan into action. Our hope is that this CHA will help mobilize community partners, gather resources and initiate action to improve our community's health!

The 2017 Community Health Assessment (CHA) was endorsed by the City of Greenfield Board of Health in July 2017.  The full version is available below, or you may request a printed copy by contacting the Health Department during normal business hours

2017 Community Health Assessment